Friday, January 23, 2009

Still not drinking any kool-aid...

Ok, so I've read the articles about Obama still planning to repeal the global gag rule (but just not on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade because it was a "sensitive" day for anti-choicers.). And still, I am pissed. And not quite sure I believe him.

I have a basic distrust of people who think that way. I also get insanely bothered when politicians say they're for civil unions, but not same sex-marriage because people with weird prejudices just aren't "ready" for it. It goes right up my spine. Also, reading a thing where some dude talks about how Jan 22nd is the day of a "very hurtful decision" makes my face burn up into flames.

Yes. It is in fact very, very important that something like this, something that endangers the lives of women across the world, be repealed immediately. It is not just some willy nilly fluff thing that doesn't affect millions of women every day. It's much more important than protecting backwards people from feeling "upset." The reason I don't believe him when he talks about "change" is because of things like this- because there is no way there can be progressive change without ever offending regressive people, which seems to be what he is attempting to do with these "baby steps." Baby steps? What is this? What About Bob?

I keep hearing a lot about how "women's issues" are going to have to be put on the backburner for a while until the economy is sorted out. Which I guess is the Democrat version of "Feminism is a 'soft' issue for middle class white women! We're fighting the class war! But don't worry, we'll totally get back to your shit after the revolution! Wanna do me at the hostel after the WTO protest?" "Women's issues" get put on the backburner because we are supposed to be patient. We are supposed to be understanding. We are supposed to put the needs of others before our own. Because we have vaginas.

Truth is- things that affect women will always be on the backburner- not because they aren't as important as other issues, but because we are not considered to be as important. I think it's very convenient for the patriarchy to think of us as being patient, and understanding, and always willing to put the needs of others before our own, as these are code words for "will take some shit." Am I wrong? When was the last time someone asked you to be any of these things, and was not trying to put one over on you?

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