Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm going to need a shower after reading this

You know, sometimes I get so stuck in my head when I overanalyze things that I assume that I must be blowing things out of proportion. Who could possibly be as terrible as all that?
This guy

Who is, in my humble estimation, the worst ever. And quite likely a virgin- dudes who get a lot of action probably don't have a picture of themselves wearing a trenchcoat with a bird perched on their shoulder. It's funny- you think I'd be more mad about the things that he says- maybe go on about the retardedness of the virgin-whore dichotomy, or how freaking out about women who aren't afraid of sex perpetuates a rape culture, but he's just so awful that I'm merely thankful that he's clearly identified himself so that I, and any other girls with any integrity may safely stay away from him and his tiny dick. And I hope with all my heart that he someday finds the frigid virgin of his dreams. Although, admittedly, I am disappointed that this dude is not a figment of my imagination.

And, you know, it's not to say that I've never let douchebaggery of this sort get under my skin. In fact, it's something of a sore point with me. But let me tell you- men who feel this way are not real men- and by that I mean they're not real adults. They're repressed, scared little boys. And being freaked out by a woman's sexuality, in the end, really is it's own reward. Hmm?

PS- Note that on his little test, one gains five points for being 15 or 16, and loses points for having an IQ over 145. I rest my case.

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