Wednesday, January 21, 2009

At least I didn't set myself on fire

Oh man.

So, last night I went over to Lindy's to give Ivan a voice lesson (which I haven't done in forever, and as it turns out, my piano skills are not what they used to be), and then afterwards we decided to go over to the Skylark. At one point, Lindy and I decided to go out for a cigarette, and I'm standing there in the bar with the cigarette in my hand, and the lighter in my hand, and we're still standing around chatting... and I lit the cigarette. In the bar. Without even thinking about it- but then we all realize what I've just done and I tried to put it out with my finger, which burned and did not work. And then I had to like, try to run out of the bar trying to cover it up, which was somewhat difficult to do gracefully in the floor length sleeping bag I call a coat. I don't think anyone besides us noticed, but they probably thought I was a bit mental. It at least made Lindy's night, as our friendship is pretty much based on the fact that it's nice to be around someone else who falls a lot and tends to humiliate themselves on a regular basis.

Oh- but also! Go see Mr. Russia (their band) at the Metro on Friday the 13th. Not just because they're my friends, but because they're super awesome and will in fact rock your face. It's a record release show for their debut album Teething- Which you should probably buy 7 or 8 copies of. Lindy will be the charming girl playing the keyboards, and I will be the girl with her face airbrushed on a t-shirt. Puffy paint may or may not be involved.



Friday Feb. 13th

MR RUSSIA (record release)
The Prairie Cartel
Lasers & Fast & Shit

FREE before 9PM with flyer or Metro txt (We will of course be giving out flyers at the Sunday Night Sex Show)


MR RUSSIA debut album 'Teething' available Valentines Day from Lens Records
Made In Chicago

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