Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh they so ripped off my mom for this

Back when I lived in Massachusetts, my favorite part of going up to Boston on weekends was the time I'd spend with my mother, sitting at the Ben and Jerry's on Newbury Street, drinking iced coffee, chainsmoking, and cleverly mocking passerby under our breath.

Hey, you know, some people have Monopoly or like, scrapbooking or whatever, this was our idea of family bonding.

Her favorite targets were always couples. Everytime, without fail, that my mother sees an overly PDA-ish couple she will remark "Oh for godsakes. You know they go home and have nothing to say to eachother!" or "You know... they're just doing this because they're so hideously unattractive that they need to telegraph to the world that someone finds them non-repulsive enough to be seen with their toungue in their ear!" or something to that effect.

But her favorites, her absolute favorites, were always couples in matching outfits. Always. I have never seen my mother more delighted than the one time she saw a middle aged couple in matching beanie-copter hats!

I should post some of our vacation pictures sometime- we take pictures of two things: couples in matching outfits and my dad accidentally falling asleep in unusual public places. He's not a narcoleptic or anything, he's an Italian man. This is not a popularly known stereotype- in fact I doubt anyone outside of an Italian family knows about this phenomenon- but it's totally true. They can fall asleep anywhere, usually with their mouths wide open. The pictures of my dad sleeping on every park bench from San Francisco to London prove it. We have a gallery in my house back home should you doubt me. And if you think that's bad, you should see my other relatives. It's just bizarre.

I digress. So, anyway, after years and years of my mother taking pictures of couples in matching outfits, I stumble upon this!

Look-alike Couples- via Lemondrop

Apparently, my mother is not alone in her pursuit of this particular phenomenon. Amazing!

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