Sunday, January 11, 2009

Two things.

1. A girl I met on Friday informed me that she was, in fact, a "part-time model." And I, against all natural urges, refrained from singing "but you probably still have to keep your normal job" back at her. I did end up singing it all day yesterday, but what can one do?

2. Last night The Commitments, which is so one of my all time favorite movies, was on while I was primping. And after seeing it, I've decided that within the next month, I am going to see some dude walking around with a pompadour/mullet like this one guy had in the movie. It's going to happen- I can hardly believe he's the only one I've ever seen with one. Also, still can never believe that Deco/Andrew Strong was only 16 when that movie came out. Insane.

You can't so much see pompadour mullet guy in this clip, but I'm putting it up anyway because I love the shit out of this song.

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