Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chicago Bus Casanova!

One morning, about a month ago, I was standing at the bus stop, innocently trying to get to work, when a creepy old dude with a GIANT mole on his chin (one of the skin colored ones that look like you should just be able to flick it off with your finger. Gross.) starts talking to me about the weather, and how it's not the kind of weather you want to see WHEN YOU OWN A BOAT COMPANY.

"Oh, yeah, I would suppose not." I said. He kept making small talk, and I kept grimacing like I normally do when creepy dudes talk to me but I don't feel like it's a good idea to tell them to fuck off. When we got on the bus, he finally left me alone, and continued on to hit on 3 other 20 something year old girls. It was kind of hilarious, and I giggled to myself all day long about how it was funny that someone thought I looked like someone who would do a gross old man with a giant skin colored mole just because he pretended to own a boat company. I assume he was pretending, because if he did own a boat company, he probably wouldn't be riding the bus, and he probably would have gotten that gross dangly skin colored mole removed.

Then... tonight, as I was riding home, I hear a loud, droning voice going on about the weather, and a girl responding by saying "uh-huh" a lot. I turn around, and there he is, in all his mole-y glory hitting on yet another horrified looking younger woman, and talking about his imaginary boat company.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicago Gets It's Own Hipster Grifter! (A Warning!)

Following in Williamsburg's footsteps, Chicago now has it's very own hipster grifters!

A fella who goes by the name of Mike Meadows has been hanging around Wicker Park, and outside of various venues like Schubas and The Metro, claiming to be a member of various bands and soliciting "donations" in exchange for CD's that turn out to be blank.

See, now, the way I found out about this is because the other day, my friend Ivan (of Mr. Russia), got an angry email from some dude who said he'd been sold a blank CD from a guy who said he was in Mr. Russia. They did some research (see here and here) and found out that this guy has been pulling this scam for a while now, previously saying he was a member of bands like Camera Obscura, Art Brut, Harvey Danger, The Kills, etc. We're guessing he probably got called out too often by people who knew what the members of those bands looked like, and has now decided to target local bands (you too, could be a victim!). And yeah, while you'd have to question the mental capacities of anyone who thought a dude in Camera Obscura or whatever was in Chicago for spanging purposes... it's not cool to rip people off, and it's certainly not cool to go screwing with anyone's reputation like that.

And the hunt is on! Though I don't personally advocate violence, Mr. Russia is offering a reward for a picture of this dude with a black eye. So, you know, at least be on the lookout, let people know if you see him, and certainly don't give him any money. He's about 5'10" with very short brown hair (also seen bald), with brown bug eyes, and often seen in a grey hoodie with a Touch and Go t-shirt, is possibly strung out, and rides a beach cruiser. He has also been seen with his girlfriend, a short Asian-American girl with a half shaved head.

If you'd like a Mr. Russia CD, however, they will be given out for *free* at the previously mentioned show this Friday, at 7, at Sub-t. Good times will be had by all!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here is another thing you should do...

The weekend of the 11th will heretofore be known as Robyn's Overexposure weekend!

Why? Because the short film I did a few months ago, "At Last, Okemah!" has been accepted into the Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival! How neat is that? In case you are not up to date, in the movie, I played the bitchy girlfriend/ex-girlfriend of a musician, which was, of course, a huge stretch for me.

This will be taking place on Sunday the 13th, at 6:30pm, at the Columbia Film Row Cinema, 1104 S. Wabash. And you should go! To both this and to Mr. Russia at Subterannean on Friday the 11th!* It'll be fun. More fun than camping.

*Unless you are stalking me. Weirdo.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Red Shoes

For over a year now, I have stalked shoe stores across Chicago for a pair of red flats. Easy enough to find, you'd think, but no. I mean, I've seen some, but they just haven't been right. They've been a soft, muted, tomato-ey red, or dark cherry red, when what I really want is fire engine/ Chanel Red No. 5 lipstick red. Or, they've been old-lady looking, or made of pleather, or sandal-y, when what I want is either leather or patent leather Mary Janes or ballet flats.

It's been impossible. The fact is, is that I've been looking for them for so long, that what they're supposed to be has become so specific in my mind, that the shoes just cannot possibly exist. Now I want the sole of the shoe not to show, and I don't want hardware on them. I want them to go with everything they can possibly go with. Because what's the use of looking for red flats for over a year if I can only wear them with certain things.

Well, actually, I do know what I want. I want my black Marc Jacobs flats (that are super cute, and look like tap shoes... and which I currently cannot locate), but in red and with a different strap. This would be ideal. Sadly, Marc hasn't answered any of my cards, letters or phone calls.