Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maybe I'm blind?

So I've seen this all over the place today, and everyone seems to think that Bill Clinton's rebuttal was either not enough, or was racist.

First of all- let me just say something- when I say "Shorter girls can get away with baby talk, whereas I would look mental should I attempt it"... it's not because I actually want to be able to get away with such a thing. In fact, I find it insidious and obnoxious and even if I wasn't especially tall, I would not attempt it. In all actuality, anyone over the age of three appears to be mental when speaking in baby talk. So, you know, I kinda see what he's doing here. I think the subtle, and self-deprecating dig was a better choice than to go apeshit. I think he was pretty classy about it, all the while making his point (that he was disgusted) known.

As for the racist thing... I honestly don't see that either. Really. And I've looked for it, and I've thought about it, but no. I don't think breakdancing has been specifically tied to the black community since "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo." And most certainly, it has not been especially edgy since I saw that lady on the Real Housewives get her kid breakdancing lessons. Which, by the way, was totally freakin' hilarious. What was he supposed to say? Country line dancing? Because that's the only form of dance I can think of that has even been invented by white people within the last 100 years. And it hardly involves an excessive amount of movement. Yeah, the joke was a corny old man joke, but I sincerely don't think he meant anything sinister by it- whereas Bush I's "joke" was just icky, and vitriolic, and not at all funny. If I did, I'd be up a wall, but I truly don't.

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