Friday, January 23, 2009

And also some other things?

God- I won't shut up lately, will I? It's probably not the best idea considering I've been feeling so curmudgeonly lately, what with the weather and all.

But do you know who makes me happy always? Katherine Hepburn. It's true, and this interview is awesome.

I plan on staying in tonight, as I remain phoneless until tomorrow, and have plans for tomorrow (actually suspect I have a number of plans... but I don't recall what they are), and Sunday is of course the first Sunday Night Sex Show of the new year (7:30! The Burlington! Do not be square!) So I am going to play hermit this evening, because in addition to that stuff, I just bought prizes and new movies and am not made out of money. So I will stay at home and watch them and be all sorts of hermity.

What movies, you ask? Awesome ones. On VHS. Most of which I have seen but do not own (or did own and no longer have, like The Philadelphia Story, which I once lent to someone and never got back. You know who you are! I also had to buy another copy of "A Confederacy of Dunces" thanks to your evil non-returning-of-stuff ways!)- but here is the list. Because I'm bored.

- As previously mentioned, The Philadelphia Story
- Camille (Which is just one of my favorite movies ever, I lost it the last time I moved, sadly.)
- Stella Dallas
- Arsenic and Old Lace
- Platinum Blonde
- Lady Killer- the only one I haven't seen! Starring James Cagney! Who I think is neat!

By the by, speaking of old movies that no one gives a crap about but me, I should tell you that you have not lived until you have seen me have a bit too much to drink and try to explain the plotline of Gilda to people who haven't seen it yet (which, weirdly, is something I tend to do somewhat often). It involves hair flipping, and singing and dancing, and the occasional attempt to recite this scene from memory. I try not to brag, you know, but this really is an exceptional talent of mine.

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