Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Well, you know, she practically forced him to sexually assault her, what with her boobs and all

Wow... I really cannot believe this. Talk about "The Real OC," eh?

Apparently, now, if you are an "overtly sexual person" a cop who pulls you over has every right to stalk you, ask you to jerk him off, grope you, and then ejaculate on you. Who knew?

The thing I can't get over is how the lawyer went on about how, because the girl was a stripper, and danced on a pole, she was basically inviting the cop to "take some sex." What? Really? Is that like the "Take a penny, leave a penny" thing at a convenience store? Like, "Take some sex, leave your cum on my sweater?" Sex is not something you are ever allowed to "take" from someone.

Obviously, the cop wasn't convicted because of what the woman did for a living. If it was like, a nun, or a teenager, or anyone else- certainly, he would have been put in jail for sexual assault.

The lawyer also goes on about how "she was one of those girls who have learned the art of the tease, getting what they want . . . they’ve learned to separate men from their money.” AHHHHHHH!!!!! Seriously... it's just so, so wrong. So wrong. The word "tease" basically means "a woman whom a man would like to sleep with, but she disagrees."

Being a dancer, being a prostitute, being a "tease," being attractive, wearing a short skirt, having breasts... NONE of these things allows ANY man to "take some sex" from a woman without her consent. They do not imply consent in any way. Rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence, not passion, and not horniness. When is that going to be clear? Honestly!

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