Friday, February 16, 2007

Notes From The Underwhelmed goes public!

Yes, it's true. Instead of just my kvetching, you'll now hear the kvetchings of four (and possibly a couple more to come) people. Thrilling, is it not? So far, said people are my dear friends...

Michael/Miss Pandora Boxx- Whom I first saw on stage, dressed as Cyndi Lauper, lip syncing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" when I was like 16 or 17 years old. Clearly, I knew we had to be lifelong friends. Also, Michael is the creator of the unbelievably hilarious and brilliant "The Gay Means Happy Show"- which if you look to your right you can find a link to. In addition to being way hotter than I am when dressed up as a lady, and also the posessor of a variety of pageant tiaras, Michael is the one who first introduced me to the wonder that is Albolene.

Jen- My roommate, partner in crime, and dearest friend in the world, without whom I would probably go right off the deep end. Jen enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, and slapping strangers in the middle of the night at Walgreens and elsewhere. And yelling "God! Men! It's like they're trying not to get laid!" with me in the living room. And kitchen. Also, we share a uterus and an unrepentant love for all that is "Law and Order." Oh, and she totally wants your vote for "Wassup!'s" bartender of the month. Do it up people, she deserves it!

Jessie- Oh Miss Jessie! She's the sweet, wide eyed, enthusiastic about everything girl I never was and so many girls pretend to be. I hate these girls, but I adore Jessie because she's so absolutely genuine about it. She's also a completely kick ass writer. I first met her in my Fiction 1 class at Columbia, where I started dragging her out after class for 3 dollar veggie burgers at the Pontiac, and have been a corrupting force in her life ever since. Oh- and she can ride a horse, which is so freakin' awesome and very Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

Harold- The token straight guy! Harold and I bonded at Filter over being former child prodigies with lots of useless talents and have been friends ever since. He is quite the snappy dresser and a social drinker of Hemingway-esque proportions. Also, anytime I feel like making someone do something out of the ordinary with me, such as going to Davenport's for the piano bar or a free yoga class, he's the first to volunteer- not to mention being one of the four people (including Jen) to actually show up to my flash mob pillow fight in Wicker park.

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