Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The bitch is back...

I'm back! If you didn't know- my mother accidentally deleted my google account while trying to sign me out of it when I left Rochester. Which means I lost my blog. Which sucked.

Finally- after a long battle with Blogger, Notes From the Underwhelmed is back. Or I at least have the URL back- Google's cache of it disappeared so all of my posts are lost to the world because in the meantime some douche was using the URL to redirect to some video site. Not porn. So this means I now have to rely on new content rather than the obscene amounts of people coming to the site because they wanted to know how to pronounce "Sartre."

Also... there are new developments at hand. I shall soon have a new blogging partner at NFTU, or at another soon to be named blog (it hasn't been decided)- none other than my amazingly hilarious and fabulous friend Michael, also known as the (in)famous Miss Pandora Boxx.

Also also... I'm updating my blogroll, so if you've got a blog, or a site or whatever that you want me to link to, let me know (you know, as long as it's not like, porn or the National Review)

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