Thursday, February 15, 2007

It was sort of like "To Catch a Predator...Live!"

So last night my dear friend (and valentine!) Linday and I decided to go to the Debonaire Social Club.
A) Because it was very close to where we were, and very cold out, and
B) Because they were giving away cigarettes

Now, don't get me wrong- I've been there before and had a swell time, but last night? Well, I'm just going to tell you- I kind of felt like I needed a shower after we left. The crowd was primarily girls who- if they were not highschool freshman- were all coincidentally suffering from that disorder people have where they look like they're kids no matter how old they are (like this ), and the creepy 50 year old men who love them. Shudder. On the bright side, however, I felt very, very tall. In fact, Linday and I were both surprised to find out that we weren't standing on some kind of platform. We had to jet before I accidentally punched the long lost Olsen triplet. Oy.

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