Thursday, February 15, 2007

US Mint refuses to accept people's lack of interest in dollar coins

How many times have we been through this? Honestly! Now, as many of you know, I'm not so fond of coinage. In fact, I hate pennies and sometimes just throw them out. Hey- I don't have a car, and I'm reasonably sure that the day will never come where I haul a ten pound bag of pennies for 5 blocks over to the Coinstar at Jewel. It's just not going to happen. First of all- coins are something you lose, or find somewhere at the bottom of your bag. So it's a little frustrating if they're worth that much. Also, we already have a monetary unit equal to a dollar, which, uh... would be the dollar. In fact, this too has George Washington's face on it. What on earth is the point of having two monetary units that are worth the exact same amount? If you ask me, they should make it the 99 cent coin. Now that, I think, would be convenient, as it would prevent me from having to deal with pennies.

Oh, and in other coin related news (Yeah, really. It's a big day for philatelists), an ancient coin reveals that, well- Cleopatra (on the right) wasn't exactly any Elizabeth Taylor. And Marc Antony (left) wasn't much of a dreamboat either. I wonder if further investigations into the attractiveness of historic beauties will reveal the real reason Helen's face launched a thousand ships...

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