Monday, May 18, 2009

Point-Counterpoint: Panty Blasters

It's always a good thing to not have the same taste in dudes as your friends. For instance, Roommate tends to dig the super "Nordic God" (as she says) looking types. You know, blonde hair/blue eyes- that sort of deal. I'm not so into that, really. I think it stems from a pathological fear of Nazis. I like my men a bit darker. It totally works out, you know, because we never like the same guys.

So, anyway, as it turns out, my dear friend Jill and I have totally different tastes in the fellas as well. I know this because she totally blogged about it. She has thus inspired me to write my own list of what she has delicately termed "panty blasters"- because I just can't get down with musicians (anymore. I swear to god, I've sworn off.), and while I love puppies and kittens and the like, dudes posing with them doesn't really rock me like it does her. I'm also creeped out by babies. So here we go.

Men in Suits/Sportscoats/Whathaveyou

It is pretty much a fact that any fella is ten times more handsome when properly dressed. I've always had a weakness for men in ties- which, if I am truthful with myself, is the only reason I thought ska was any kind of a good idea in highschool. Oh, also, tweed sportscoats with leather patches? I die.


Ok, this is probably really terrible, but whenever a dude tells me he got into a fight... I kinda swoon a little. Maybe a lot. It's not that I care for violence at all. I don't. I mean, I don't want to see it, per say, but I like knowing they can and will hold their own, and that if push comes to shove, they're not going to go cry in a corner by themselves. I also like to know that if someone bothered me that they could possibly end up with a bloody face, or at least the legitimate threat of one. I kind of have a mouth, so this is a distinct possibility.

Dudes Reading Russian Lit on The Bus/Train

It's just about the dreamiest thing ever. I can't explain it- I mean, I love a lot of different kinds of books- but it's just not the same thing. It's not. I don't have to fan myself when I see a boy reading like, Henry James or whatever, even though I totally love Henry James. I think it's that "Oh, you read a lot and you're probably super smart, but non-demure and will totally argue with me." vibe that it gives off.


Britni TheVadgeWig said...

I will totally cosign on that first one. I think it probably ties into the fact that I am submissive and something about a man in a suit implies power and dominance. Me likey.

Anonymous said...

Oh no you didn't.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, I don't even like musicians. For serious. I much prefer Men in Suits, specifically Douchebag Ego-Maniacs in Suits. That's why I wanted to move to DC. They are my weakness. The musician thing was just for kicks on the blog. But I am full of glitter and lies.

Anonymous said...

Dudes Reading Russian Lit on the Train? Robyn. I thought you knew better than that. Gag. Pretentious. And probably has Daddy issues, and like Brit, I need a dom. So not gonna work out there.

Miss Robyn said...

But I LIKE pretentious. At least a degree of it here and there- I like to feel like I have to TRY in order to keep up. Otherwise I get bored, like really quickly. I like my men like I like my crossword puzzles.