Tuesday, May 5, 2009


To clarify my statements from last night, when I talk about arguing, I'm pretty much talking about politics, ethics and social issues. I have no interest in like, personal arguments. Ever. In fact, that sort of conflict makes me run screaming from the room in horror and disgust. I think that on some level, everyone enjoys some sort of conflict. Some people have drama in their lives- I pretty much never do, because I get my conflict on in other ways. Yes, I pick fights and I bust balls. I totally do- I like to exercise my wits and keep my teeth sharp.

The funny thing is- some people, when debating politics or ethics, will go into ad hominem attacks. And then there's me. When having a personal argument (you know, if I haven't run out of the room), I'll get all "WHELL! According to Kant's categorical imperative...." and basically try and make it all sorts of high school debate team. I pull it away from myself- I don't say things like "you hurt my feelings" because it just doesn't seem like a logical argument to me. I'm in it to win it. I think a lot of this is because if like, I were to engage in a normal sort of argument growing up, my parents probably would have just ignored me.

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