Friday, February 27, 2009

Varied and Sundry

1. I have taken up the peculiar habit of drinking straight lemon juice.
2. It is possibly not the best of all ideas to have two glasses of sparkling pinot noir (which, if you were wondering, is the best thing ever), two vodka and seven-ups, and two glasses of sangria. While I am not hungover, I am still a bit nauseated. But I'm in a *splendid* mood, so it doesn't matter.
3. I've been back from Rhode Island for several days now, and still my accent is lingering and popping up here and there. I suspect it was on full force last night. Which is irritating because I get really bothered and self conscious anyway when people feel the need to shriek "I just heard your accent!" at me when I say certain words.
4. As usual, we've had a drop-out for Sunday's Show. So now I've got to scramble and find me another dude to read. Eek! I might have to drop the gender parity concept, because it's way harder to get guys involved- oddly, I think they're just not that comfortable with the subject matter.

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