Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am now convinced that Andy Kaufman is alive and in charge of Christianity

There's just no other explanation anymore- this shit is just getting too freaking hilarious:

But wait... there's more! The comments are also genius- per essample:

WOW !!!! To Glory be to God forever the
ex-masturbatur [SIC] t-shirt is blazin hott [SIC] got to purchase me one i'm a witness that freely by grace through faith proceeding with true repentance JESUS is a habit breaker. I struggled wth masturbation and was bound by my own self ambiton [SIC] at times when I wanted to worship God my sprit [SIC] was willing , but my flesh was weak so when I realized I had a problem and ask God to examine my heart he uveiled [SIC] my mask and wicked heart Christ broke me down and renewed my mind I have'nt [SIC] been the same since.

I'm telling you, this is a work of comic genius. Someone decided to see what ridiculously embarrassing sort of attire they could convince people to wear in the name of Jebus, and came up with this. I'm getting them for all of my friends. I also recommend you watch their movie, and giggle maniacally each time the girl talks about people being "in bondage to masturbation." Unless, you know, you're more mature than I am or something. Which I doubt.

Allen says: That God sure is petty, running around being worried about people touching themselves...

via Feministe

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