Friday, February 6, 2009

Comparitively, Your Love Life is Pretty Boring

We all have *things* that we love. I love my non-functional lamp, One-Arm Juanita; my shoebox full of pictures of people I don't know; terrible/wonderful things I've found at dollar stores and flea markets; books; crates full of clementines... etc. But, um, there are some people who have things that they love love. Like, romantically. And sexually. And no, they don't require batteries.

Meet the Objectum Sexuals. One lady is married to the Eiffel Tower. Another to the Berlin Wall. Another to some weird German amusement park ride.

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The rest of the insanely amazing doumentary can be found here. I guess you could say it's sad that they've had such crappy relationships with people that they've convinced themselves that they are in relationships with inanimate objects and monuments, but I'm kind of happy for them, actually. Like, if that's what gets them through the day, and they're into it, I don't see much harm in it- I just find it fascinating. Although I will be avoiding touching certain areas of the Eiffel Tower on my next trip overseas.

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