Friday, February 13, 2009

Triskaidekaphobia? Not so much.

You should know that in the third grade, one of my favorite hobbies was spelling that word- so, despite the Murphy's Law aspect of my life, I have no ill will towards Friday the 13th. I like Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th comes right out and says "You know what, shit's probably going to go wrong today"- I like a honest holiday. Not like Thanksgiving, which never says anything about the fact that while you're being grateful and bonding with your family, that you're probably going to get into a giant fight with your sister and one of you will end up leaving the table in a huff. New Year's talks only of champagne and confetti, and never mentions that you're going to accidentally make out with some dork who will message you on Facebook a few days later to let you know that he is not looking for anything serious (Oh, the egos on these boys, really! I suspect we're all going to have to get some pins that state "Oh for godsakes, I don't want to be your freakin' girlfriend! I don't even like you that much! I'm just bored!" so as to avoid future confusion).

Friday the 13th is just like any other day, just more honest. Tomorrow is Valentines Day, the time of year where I stealthily avoid any and all Gentleman Callers and watch horror movies and drink wine with my girlfriends. Meanwhile, every dude on earth will be stressed out trying to plan shit, and every woman on earth will be slightly disappointed but trying to pretend she isn't. Awkwardness all around.

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