Saturday, February 28, 2009

How very strange...

I am an hour early to work. Why? Because for some reason, my mind decided to play tricks on me and I thought it was 9:15 when it was 8:15. I'm probably losing it, you know. I didn't even realize until I got here and was thinking everyone else was late.

Funny. I think I was just kind of stuck in my own head this morning so much that I failed at time. These are the things I was thinking about:

1. How irritating adults who think they're adorable are. The other night one of the ladies from work and I went out to Bin Wine Cafe, for the delicious sparkling Pinot Noir- which is my favorite thing ever... and there were totally a pair of same-side-of-the-booth-sitters. Is that appropriate? In a place where you're drinking wine? I mean, I'm opposed to it in diners- and there are people that think that makes me a bit prim... but in a normal restaurant? You have to admit that's weird.

I am not adorable. As an adult, I understand this. I refuse to strive to elicit "Awww's!" from others. I am much too tall for that.

2. I've decided that a dude who tries to cheat on his girlfriend with you after having dated her for two months is more of a cheesedick than the married guy who tries to cheat on his wife of several years with you. I get this a lot. For some reason, I get a lot of dudes who think I'm like, some magically understanding, non-involved third party. I'm not even really human- I'm like some hookerwithaheartofgold/headshrinker/figmentofyourimagination thing. If I had a dollar for every "If only the world were different, and I didn't have these wretched societal obligations! I could be a free spirit like you are! You don't understahnd! You can just do whatever you want!" or whatever speech I'd heard in my life I'd be a bajillionaire or something. But anyway- this is the thing, and I'm not saying it's cool either way... I just think it's way weirder to try to cheat on someone you just started dating than someone you've been with forever and share a bank account and possibly children with. And yes, I understand that it's like, a way bigger and more important commitment. But the dating is far easier to get out of, I imagine. Especially if it's new. You can just break up with that person. I break things off all the time. Although I do it by not answering my phone- that may not be the route for you. You may be fond of talks. I might be entirely wrong about this, but, well, it was 8 in the morning, what do you want from me?

- Oh, I can start working now. I'll finish this later. There were quite a few more... all equally ridiculous

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