Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unfeminism is undoubleplusgood

Cardinal Says New Feminism Must Include God

FACT- When you have a penis, and are a representative of a notoriously patriarchal and sexist institution, such as the Catholic Church, you don't have any say in what "the new feminism" will be. Especially when this "new feminism" involves being anti-choice and homophobic- which, ya know, are two things that feminism is pretty specifically not about being.

How would you like it if I, as an athiest, decided that the new Catholicism was going to be about worshipping Buddha and eating meat on Fridays? It would be ridiculous, because it's not something I have any say in. Duh.

Now, I am totally of the "everyone can and should be a feminist" school of thought. My dad is totally a feminist and also a Catholic (although he belongs to a church that was ex-communicated for allowing women on the pulpit and performing gay marriages/commitment ceremonies. Also, he's pro-choice.). However, he doesn't go around telling women what feminism is or should be about. For heaven's sake, I don't even like other feminists telling me what feminism is supposed to be about!

I am all for the Catholic Church advocating for women's rights. I think that's awesome. I hope that some day they get with the times and allow women on the pulpit. But at the end of the day, the Catholic Church, as an entity, does not get any say in what feminism is or is not.

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