Sunday, March 8, 2009

Varied and Sundry- Daylight Savings Time Edition

1. Happy Daylight Savings Time! I have yet to figure out how I ought to celebrate *this* Daylight Savings Day... other than being annoyed at having to wake up an hour earlier. It's not like Time Travel Day or anything amazing like that. I'll figure it out.

2. I got a weird text message at 5am. Which, you know, is not unusual for me, what with the hours my friends keep and the creepy stalkers I seem to attract. But it was from a number I don't know, and it read "I've got the guy for you and he has your number." Ok- now, I'm missing a lot of numbers because I got a new phone recently, and for some reason the back-up assistant only backed up numbers I'd gotten prior to June, and I also tend to delete numbers pretty often, especially if it's a dude I've decided to stop seeing. It's a good way to avoid calling them whilst intoxicated, and you get the added pleasure of sending them the "Who is this?" text... but still. How weird is that?

I mean, I met some dude last night whom I think called me an Eskimo and asked me to go to Tavern, and I gave him my number for whatever reason before going home- but then he called my phone right after and that's not his number. MYSTERY!

3. A five year old invented my outfit today. For god knows what reason (well, rain, I guess), I felt that I ought to wear a 1950's style polkadot dress with a beaded cardigan, bright red tights... and my black hunter boots. I am a vision, I tell you.

4. Last night, after having smoked grass- not something I generally do, so it tends to affect me a bit- I came home to find a letter my dad. In it, was a page torn from a magazine, an advertisement featuring an astronaut and reading:

Private Astronauts Wanted

If you have ever dreamed of space flight, space adventures can turn your dream into reality.

And then a bunch of stuff about how you can go fly around in space for ten days if you happen to be really rich. What the fuck?

"But I hate regular travel, even! With regular planes! For an hour, going back to NY!" I thought. "Did I want to go to space camp when I was a kid? I don't think so. I really don't think so, I mean, I remember seeing the commercials come on after Punky Brewster... but I don't recall ever wanting to go. I do, however, remember thinking that that spinny hamster wheel thing they always showed people riding in looked like something that would make me nauseated... Why? Why would my dad want to send me into space? Did I screw up? Is 'space travel' the new 'boarding school'? Maybe he wants to go there for a vacation? Mom will never go along with that, she's claustrophobic and I doubt they let you smoke in space..."

And it went on, and on, and on... until I turned over the other side... and saw an article about the Hunter boots I was wearing in RI (the same ones I'm wearing today), with a note saying "And you thought I was out of it! I'm learning! ---love, Dad" The article, of course, was from Forbes, which is what all the hep cats are reading these days.

So, yeah, that's my story. If you, however, feel differently about space travel... you can go to And be my private astronaut, astronaut for money...

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