Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FACTS! (and things)

  • I am making a return to the acting thing (after a bajillion years)! My very talented friend Michael is directing a short film this April, called At Last, Okemah! in which I will be playing the bitchy ex-girlfriend of a musician. Which, of course, is a huge leap for me.

  • I am hugely overwhelmed by the amount of people that want to read at next month's show. We can really only do like, 6 people, so I'll probably have to schedule some people for May even though I don't want to.

  • I feel like something is "off" about my eyebrows as of late, but cannot pinpoint what.

  • FACT: Dudes who complain about other dudes being assholes are usually way more terrible than the dudes they're complaining about.
  • OH MY GOD. Ok, so I've been working for a while on a story in which one of the primary characters is a sex worker- so I was looking at the Craigslist Erotic Services section for research on how to write one for the story, and I totally saw a chick that I used to know whom I haven't seen in years who was A) a horrid rotten bitch to me, and b) claiming to be 18 when she is in fact older than I am! Also, retinas=scarred. I did not need to ever, ever, ever see that. Ever. And it really just did not need to involve pigtails. The sad part about this is that the only person who would even get why this is so insane is in the "dead to me" pile- for good reason, of course- but still, I'm a bit of a pathological gossip when it comes to people I dislike, and I really, really need to think of someone else who would understand. (yes, I know. I'm a totally bad person.)


Clarisse Thorn said...

In re: the asshole thing, you should definitely read this:


... with a particular focus on this:


Supplementary links:



Miss Robyn said...

Heartless Bitches is totally one of my favorites- not sure if I've read the other ones though, I'll have to check it out when I get home.

soozey said...

I just checked out your pix from the Sex Show. I am rushing out to buy some Abelene or whatever it's called! Your skin is luminous! Screw Pond's that I bought cuz too cheap to buy the other one!