Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This week in Savage Love... Penthouse Forum meets Pasolini

Oh, honestly now...

Ok, besides the fact that he starts off condemning some girl as a total prude for being surprised that some dude tells her he wants to shove his balls in her vadge while they're making out... which, jeez- can you blame her? It's not something you hear every day, or necessarily even know how it would work (I'm still a little fuzzy)- and it's just ridiculous and sexist to act like a girl who doesn't want to go along with every fetish a guy has is a horrible, judgemental person....

The third one down? The one about the party in Paris and the Spanish girl and the unlubricated anal sex in the party igloo? Totally made up. SO made up. This is how you tell someone is lying- too many freakin' unnecessary details. And he's not even really asking for advice, he just wants to put that out there and probably jerk off to it later. Which is fine for him, except that Dan Savage looks a little ridic going off on what a "tramp" said imaginary Spanish girl is, and how terrible of her it is to not be humiliated over a thing that didn't actually happen.

Seriously, tell me I'm wrong.

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