Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I can name that peen in 5 seconds

Have you ever met a dude who, in all seriousness, had a name for his dick? Me neither. In fact, I don't think I've encountered one, period who did it even ironically. Maybe they just don't share this with me because they figure I'd laugh for seven hours if they did... but then why get this?

Or, um, rather, why pay $14.95 for an official plaque with your peen's name on it? I mean, I'd make you one with crayons for 5 bucks. I'll even draw a picture (warning! I can only draw stick figures, so I don't know how flattering it will be!)!

Apparently, it's like a registered name. There can only be one of each! So, like, if you want to name your dick "Kenny Rogers" and that name is already taken, you will have to pay the dude who registered it originally for the rights. You know, if you have your heart set on it that much. Also, don't plan on making it a "dirty" name, like some of these, because they have standards of decency over at Name Your Wang.

via fleshbot

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