Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't think it's what you think...

MRA's are always fond of making this big giant deal about how feminism is supposedly to blame for the men of this generation having no direction or whatever. This guy isn't one, but he's basically saying the same shit.

But this is the thing- I don't think it's all that bad. Like he said, we're all probably going to live until 90 or something- who the fuck wants to settle down and be an adult for like, that many years? Especially when you don't have to. Hell, maybe this generation will be less prone to the whole midlife crisis thing because we actually got it out of our systems. It doesn't seem to me that anyone really wanted to go out and be an adult back in the day either, but shit, that was just what you did because you had to.

I have to tell you, I watch these things, and my first instinct is "Those assholes! How dare they prematurely reject me because I went to an Ivy League school and play ice hockey! (watch the video for that part to make sense) How dare they think I have to "need" them or whatever. Dudes suck!"

But then, um, it occurs to me- I don't know anyone who actually thinks that way. Do you? I mean, honestly, I think we're now more focused on "want," rather than "need"- which I think is better. I'd prefer someone want me rather than need me, and I think it goes both ways. I think that now, people are doing what they want to do, rather than falling into some life that society tells them they should have- and that's pretty cool. I mean, I don't know one single guy who has ever, ever said "Oh, I just want my wife to stay home and make babies! And need me constantly for absolutely everything!" I mean, I think a lot of it is that there are these older men who grew up when that was just the way, and assume that younger guys are absolutely freaked the fuck out over the fact that it's not- causing them to, uh, drink, watch porn and play video games?

I don't see this as a crisis. I just don't. I mean- fuck it, everyone's confused. It's not just a guy thing, it's a human thing. And if a dude has a problem with the fact that you went to an Ivy League school and play ice hockey (and therefore don't need him!), then he's a douche and you don't want him anyway. It's called culling the herd. You should thank him for being coming out as a douche so promptly, instead of faking it for god knows how long, forcing you to find it out for yourself. Think of the time you would have wasted! Chalk it up as a bullet dodged.

I don't know- sure, the ladies and I joke about how every dude we know is like, in his mid-thirties, collecting action figures and trying to be a rock god. But I don't think it's that big of a deal, really. It's not like I'm doing anything better. I'm writing a blog! And sure, I've heard from my guy friends on occasion that the fact that I'm especially independent and, um, maybe something of a know-it-all can be off putting to guys who aren't as sure of themselves.

But, at the end of the day- you have to think to yourself "shit, would I want that guy anyway?" And I wouldn't. I'd much rather be alone than fake it for the mere privilege of being with some asshat. And the fact that I'm cool with that, is a really awesome byproduct of feminism.

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