Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is going to be a week or so of insanity...


So, today I have to clean my room, do some laundry and get some financial aid stuff figured out, tomorrow I work and then Allen and I are going to the Venus Magazine party for good times, free rum, and of course to promote the show- which we do merely by existing. I've gotta go shopping for prizes sometime this week, and also come up with trivia questions- which is tougher and more time consuming than you'd think. There's Panic on Friday, and then on Sunday, of course, we've got the show. Then my parents are coming to visit for a week. I've also got boy issues galore all over the place, which is- sigh- obnoxious.

BTW- Come to my fucking show! Sunday Night Sex Show! This Sunday! At The Burlington! 7:30pm!

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