Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I like Mondays (when I have the day off, at least)

Today was glorious. I spent the first half writing, and the second half watching fantastic movies with Nicole via the OnDemand and cleaning pores and plucking eyebrows and eating pistachios. In case you were wondering, pistachios are in fact my favorite nut. Almonds come in at second. A really close second if it's the cinnamon sugar kind. Oh, so anyway- about the movies!

1. The Omen IV (always glorious. You probably haven't seen it because it was actually a made for TV movie... but I recommend it. As you may or may not know, I am especially fond of any movie involving demon spawn.)

2. JD's Revenge!

How can one not love the classic story of um... some guy who undergoes hypnosis and then becomes possessed by a zoot-suited hustler looking for revenge? Especially when it also stars Louis Gossett Jr? Amazing.

3. Videodrome! How in god's name is this the first time I have ever heard of this movie existing??? One would think that someone, at some point in my life would have mentioned to me that there is some unbelievably bizarre film in which James Woods gets it on with Debbie Harry while piercing her ears! And then tries to save the world from brainwashy snuff films that cause tumors, makes people hallucinate, and um... have a lot of kinky sex? To be honest, I was a bit confused by what the plot was supposed to be. But there is a dude in it named Dr. O'blivion! How amazing is that? Seriously, I don't know how this flew under my radar! Seriously, if you've got the FearNet OnDemand thingy, you must watch this- if you haven't already. If you have, then why did you not mention this to me? Jerk.

Oh, and according to the Wikipedia, Dr. O'blivion was based on Marshall McLuhan. Who, amongst- duh, many accomplishments, has a line in Annie Hall that I have been, for many years now, been dying to say in real life: "You know nothing of my work!" Don't ask me why, I just feel like it would be a really satisfying thing to say. I also really find it weirdly satisfying to say "They call me Mister Tibbs!" and to yell "NEELY O'HARA!" but as neither of those are in fact my name, I can't figure a way to work them in. Although, perhaps I could start a new trend of yelling "NEELY O'HARA!" in a "Serenity Now!" kind of way, or as a minced oath? I bet it could work. You know, like how people say "Heavens to Betsy!" or "for Pete's sake!" or, according to a Google search I just did "For the love of Mike!" I was not aware that this was a saying. I think I'll start saying that as well.

Ok. Clearly I'm losing my damn mind and should consider sleep.

Oh! But also! I found a copy of my favorite Amy Vanderbilt book ever on Amazon! My original copy was tragically lost in a roommate moving out debacle. (Psst. Amy Vanderbilt= crazy etiquette book writing lady who defenestrated herself. Who I happen to be mildly obsessed with. Did you know that if you eat corn on the cob properly it should take you about three days to do so? I do, because I read Amy Vanderbilt. I also know how to deal with my servants, and when and where I should wear a hat and gloves.)

Ok, ok. Bed.

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