Friday, June 6, 2008


Ok, so my roommate Jen and I have long had elaborate plans and schemes regarding a wedding for our cats. Who are totally in love. Mr. Catface is totally the bottom.

Anyway, I found out today that WeTV is going to have a show called "Puppy Weddings." So of course, I was all, "What the fuck ever! We came up with cat weddings two years ago!" and I was going to go on about it, but I had to find this picture first (the one above). Because I love this picture. So I googled "cat wedding"- because I'm bored and waiting for her to finish getting ready... but what I found was this:

Egypt — An Egyptian woman filed for divorce after her husband refused to pay for the wedding of her favorite cat in a five-star hotel, national media said on Wednesday. The young woman, named only as Khadiga, had begged her husband, some 50 years her senior, to pay for her cat’s wedding. Her husband refused and Khadiga filed for divorce.However, in court, her husband said he would agree to a divorce, but his last present to his wife would be a wedding for her cat, albeit one in a less expensive hotel owned by his friend.
The woman promptly forgave her husband and called off divorce proceedings. The cat is now preparing
to be wed.According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive cat wedding took place at a disco in Thailand. The owner of a very pampered cat paid more than $16,000 to organize the event.

Wow! Not only are we not original, but there are people in the world who are way creepier about their cats than we are! Amazing!

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