Saturday, June 7, 2008

I need to vent!

Oh good lord- just saw this commercial for the new Coors wide mouth vented can, or whatever that's supposed to be. And then I threw things and got a little stabby.

So there's this guy, and he's hanging out with his wife, or girlfriend or whatever, and he gets a phone call from his friend. He tells his wife "Oh, gosh honey, my friend needs to vent!" and she of course says "Oh! Golly! Well you better go take care of him!" And blah blah blah, he goes to the friends house and they drink beer from vented cans and watch sports, and then she calls to check up on him, and he's like "yeah, I think he's gonna be ok." or some shit.

I hate the imaginary world these people live in. What is that about? What? Like "Oh gosh, you know those womenfolk! They only understand talks about feelings, bleeding from their ladyparts, Lifetime movies and handbags! That bitch would never comprehend my desire to do something like, uh, watching TV with my friends and drinking beer!" Jesus- I'm so sure she gives a shit. You know she's just glad to have some time to herself. To spend with her Hitachi Magic Wand.

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