Monday, June 2, 2008

Ok... haven't gotten into this one yet. I am so, so, so, so in favor of rejecting privilege. I have always believed that in order to eradicate all the -isms, those with the privilege must recognize it and reject it.

HOWEVER. Dude, my family did not own any businesses. They only got here like, last century, k? Oh- wait, I'm sorry- my relatives owned a bakery, and a TV store. In Providence! The only benefits I ever saw from that were like, in pastry form. I think my parents got a good deal on a TV that probably fell off the back of a truck- but I'm quite sure that's the extent of it. That's not to say that I don't benefit at all from white privilege, but still.

First of all... this guy is a Catholic. In case you didn't know, Catholics do not allow women on the pulpit- in addition to like, 20 million other retardly misogynistic rules they've got going on. I call bullshit on his whole rejecting privilege thing. Pots and kettles bitches.

This is the thing, though. Racism and sexism are both things that suck- equally. Neither is worse than the other, and if you even try to make that argument, you're going to end up sounding like an ass. If you are anti-racist, but totally sexist (which this guy clearly is)- you suck. If you are anti-sexism, but a giant racist, you also suck. Sure, Clinton has white privilege... but uh, Obama has male privilege. So they're about on equal ground. As this douche nozzle is a white male, he probably hasn't experienced the effects of institutionalized privilege first hand, and really, really needs to shut his damn mouth.


ballgame said...

Racism and sexism are both things that suck- equally.

Um, no. While it's true that there are very real disprivileges attached to being either female or black in the U.S., there are no significant privileges associated with being black ... but there ARE significant privileges associated with being female. My list here doesn't even touch on some major ones, like non-combatancy, victim visibility, and services visibility.

Miss Robyn said...

That's ridiculous. Discrimination is discrimination, and is utterly ridiculous and terrible on any level. What? Because you think I can hug more or have a better chance and forming intimate friendships I should be cool with the wage gap? Or with people referring to Hillary Clinton as "shrill?" Jesus.