Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did you know that my boyfriend is married?

I found out recently, that my boyfriend, and love and light of my life, Mr. Vincent D'onofrio (Det. Goren!) is totally married. With children! I'm so disappointed you don't even know.

And I totally don't even know who she is, really. So it's not like with Elvis Costello and Diana Krall, as I know for a fact that I am way more awesome than Diana Krall. I do not know for certain how I compare to Mrs. D'onofrio. Except that clearly, I have better fashion sense.

Also- I hope that he's just really tall- and that she is not in fact a short chick- that would be so disappointing! See, the moment I truly fell in love with Det. Goren, was on this one episode where he told this guy that the reason he was into short blonde chicks was because a) his dick looked bigger in comparison, b) he was secretly a pedophile, and c) he wanted someone he could kick around. And then he added that he liked tall, dark haired, unkickable women. Much like myself. It made my life!


*** UPDATE!- for the many of you out there searching for actual advice of some sort as to what to do if your boyfriend is married, I wrote a special blog post which may or may not be helpful. http://notesfromtheunderwhelmed.blogspot.com/2008/06/robyn-answers-your-burning-questions.html


Tankboy said...

I think he actually is kinda tall, so don't worry.

val said...

You are new to this Vincent D'Onofrio fandom, aren't you? But welcome - though he's MY boyfriend, you know, not yours :). There are SO MANY places to find out more. Like that he's 6'4", his latest child was born last Valentine's Day, his wife is Carin Van Der Donk, who was a model, he made lots of films and in several he showed off a great deal of his liscious body and had lots of sex, and in Blogdom there are zillions of VDO blogs (including mine).

Do watch the episode Jones again, because it is miles better than you remember.