Friday, November 28, 2008

A musical glimpse into my awkward teenage years...

Ok, so last night I wrote a shit ton of embarassing personal demon-y type crap- and no one needs that, so I thought I'd embarass myself in a new and exciting way! By sharing with you what I found amongst the old journals and Warped Tour compilation CD's in my cabinet in my old bedroom at home. An old CD that we made in some voice class I had in highschool!

It was part of the final, and we had to go to some random recording studio and sing whilst accompanied by the voice teacher's husband. I was horribly nervous because she hated me- I suspect because I was not a soprano- they all had it out for the altos. Seriously. I'm telling you it was a total consipiracy. They also always tried to make me sound musical theatre-y. So, anyway, without further ado, this is me, circa age 16, singing "Stormy Weather." Hilarious. It has yet to be heard outside that one class or my house, so, you know, you should feel pretty special. And yes, that is in fact a picture of my one true love, Vincent D'onofrio. Yup.

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Lozzie Cap said...

Good grief: I wish I had such a good voice the age of 40-something, let alone when I was only about 16 or so. I really enjoyed that! I admit I came here because of the Vincent D'Onofrio connection - he is the 'one true love' of me and a great many of my friends, but what a treat I got in addition to the D'Evive D'Noff! :-D