Monday, August 31, 2009

Here is something you should do.

First, bring me some hot chocolate, because I've run out, and being that it's 8 in the morning and I'm in quite a state after last night's show, I'm so not going to Dominick's right now, and I don't feel like making coffee either.

Second, go to, and download the new EP, not only because they're awesome and happen to be my dearest friends, but also because you can play a fun game called "Why does that lady's voice in the background sound especially familiar and a lot like someone who is probably way awesome and super hot?" I will give you a clue- it's me. Then, if you are really super cool, come to Subterannean on September 11th for the record release show! For only five dollars, you get a live show, a free hard copy of the CD, and the chance to see me fall off a stage other than the one at the Burlington. I would say that's a pretty good deal, no? So go. You know, unless you plan to kill me, in which case I would prefer it if you did not.

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