Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stuff and things

  • I just bought this shirt! Jealous? I thought so. I'm such an easy sell. I was sitting around, watching Judge Judy and getting some writing done, and I thought to myself- do you know what I need? A shirt with her face on it. Lo and behold, the internet obliged.

  • I just accidentally slammed a window on Mary Pickford's head. Not the actual Mary Pickford, a bust I have that looks like Mary Pickford. I chipped her a bit. It's quite sad.
  • I keep getting winked at by a man in blingy cargo shorts when I'm outside smoking at work. It's disconcerting.
  • I also want this!
  • And speaking of Grey Gardens (because if you didn't click on the link, it's a Grey Gardens Coloring Book.).... I found another awesome documentary by the Maysles Brothers, called Salesman. Amazingly, I'd never seen it before. This is the first part, and you can watch the rest of it on the YouTube.

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