Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Red Shoes

For over a year now, I have stalked shoe stores across Chicago for a pair of red flats. Easy enough to find, you'd think, but no. I mean, I've seen some, but they just haven't been right. They've been a soft, muted, tomato-ey red, or dark cherry red, when what I really want is fire engine/ Chanel Red No. 5 lipstick red. Or, they've been old-lady looking, or made of pleather, or sandal-y, when what I want is either leather or patent leather Mary Janes or ballet flats.

It's been impossible. The fact is, is that I've been looking for them for so long, that what they're supposed to be has become so specific in my mind, that the shoes just cannot possibly exist. Now I want the sole of the shoe not to show, and I don't want hardware on them. I want them to go with everything they can possibly go with. Because what's the use of looking for red flats for over a year if I can only wear them with certain things.

Well, actually, I do know what I want. I want my black Marc Jacobs flats (that are super cute, and look like tap shoes... and which I currently cannot locate), but in red and with a different strap. This would be ideal. Sadly, Marc hasn't answered any of my cards, letters or phone calls.

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