Monday, April 27, 2009

Varied and Sundry...

  • I ran out of my apartment a few minutes ago to grab cigarettes, and I threw on my dress from last night to do so, because I'm lazy, and now I think the guy at Rio Balsas thinks I'm a hooker, because he asked me if I was going to work or coming home from it, and then suggested I keep on doing what I'm doing, while winking at me.
  • SNSS was awesome. We had a touching tribute to Ms. Bea Arthur. We even got the cops called on us. Or rather, Nicole got the cops called on us by standing in the middle of the street in a leotard and fishnets and waving at a firetruck...
  • Also, just because I host The Sunday Night Sex Show, it does not mean that you can expect me to go home with you, dude I just met ten seconds ago. I am dates only these days, and require at least three days advance notice.
  • You know who sucks at life? People who walk into a store right before close, look at the time and cutely announce that they got there "just in time" and then proceed to stay for an extra half hour to mess up racks and purchase a ring that costs $19. I hate those people.
  • Question: Do guys think that we have not seen every teen movie on earth where the cool person tells the geeky dude who has trouble with the ladies to tell them that their eyes are like two limpid pools? Seriously, the eye complimenting has to go. Compliment me on my legs. Thank you.

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