Sunday, April 5, 2009

Remember last night when I had an alligator on my head?

And it was supposed to be a grasshopper, but the I left the grasshopper I made out of construction paper in a cab on the way home from work, and I bought construction paper to make another one, but then I found an awesome squishy alligator at Walgreens, and I put that on my hat instead? Because I went to my friend's birthday party dressed as Helen Hunt in "Girls Just Want to Have Fun?" And then I went there, and there was another girl dressed as Janie (SJP), and we both totally had the most accurate costumes ever? I had leggings, and a tank top, and a ginormous yellow shirt with a hole cut in the back, and a beret with an alligator on top, fishnet gauntlets, my stripper boots, two different earrings, and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that I was a motherfucking VISION.

And I'm still quite drunk. Also, I bit my toungue whilst doing a split and it still totally hurts.

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