Thursday, April 19, 2007

I always hated dress codes in school

A teacher in Louisiana turned dozens of girls away from their prom, because their dresses were too "revealing." Now, if you look at the pictures, there is a common theme- most of the dresses just look like typical prom dresses you'd see any girl wearing- except that the girls wearing them all have large chests. Now really- I'm sorry, but if you have a large chest, you are going to have some kind of cleavage in nearly any gown you might find. They don't make a whole lot of turtleneck evening dresses.

When I went to a school in Massachusetts with a very strict dress code- one of the rules was that we couldn't wear skirts or shorts that were more than a hands length above ones knees (or shorter for me because- and I shit you not- I had long fingers). Now- I'm 5'8"- pretty tall- however, I have a midget torso. If I sit down next to my sister, who is 5'2"- we are the same height. I have a 38 inch inseam. So, I ended up getting sent home from school at least once a week during the hotter months because I literally could not find shorts or skirts that were that long. And mind you, I was 12 and not exactly trying to look like a sexpot. I also got sent home for my shirts- because- yeah- turtlenecks are not for year round wear. You know, because having giant boobs in middle school isn't nearly humiliating enough.

I think schools really need to look at their dress codes and see if they are codes that are possible for those of all body types to adhere to.

On another, somewhat related note: I've always found it interesting how people feel absolutely free to comment on the size of my chest- whereas I never see anyone walking up to a flat-chested girl saying "Hey! Way to have no boobs!" Fairly recently, upon meeting me, a girl said "Oh, I always felt bad for girls with big boobs, because they always look fat." I'm not kidding. I held my toungue, if you'll believe that. The thing is- I'm usually the first one to make fun of the size of my chest. It's sort of a trick that I learned in school when I'd get picked on- you know- like "Ok, I'll be the one to make a joke about this first, and that way it takes away your power" kind of thing. There was this one time in the girls locker room where I got cornered by this crazy broad who screamed at me, demanding that I confess to stuffing my bra lest she have to kick my ass (I imagine she had a few screws loose)- so I flashed her. Yup. Then she ran out of the locker room screaming that I was a lesbian and came onto her. Of course, I'm forgetting all the other fun assumptions people make about you when you are... well endowed in that area.

That was a bit of a tangent there, and I apologize for the disjointedness of it. I guess what I'm saying is that the world (and certainly highschool) gives women enough crap about the way they look that it doesn't need to be institutionalized. No one should say "oh, this girl can wear this dress and look sweet and innocent because she's flat-chested, but if you wear it you look like a whore and you can't come to our prom." That doesn't exactly bolster self-worth, now does it?

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