Thursday, April 5, 2007

ban Paris Hilton

So I read an article today that the Associated Press put a one week ban on Paris Hilton. They did no stories about her as an experiment to see if anyone cared. Guess what? They really didn't. It seems most people applauded it, although some people griped about who will they ban next? Blah, blah, blah. I say who really cares about Paris Hilton? I don't care what color underwear she's wearing or lack thereof. I know some people must care because these people make headline news. The news has become such fluff it's hard to call it news anymore. I mean, come on, it's sad that Anna Nicole is dead but come on, does anyone care where she is buried? And national headlines because Britney shaved her head? Okay so that one was humorous to watch, especially when she attacked a car with an umbrella! Genius! I think my next short will be about all these "celebrities" and about how little talent they have and how everyone seems to care about them...

Maybe I'll call it: Who Really Cares About Paris?

Or even: So You Think You've Got Talent?

Or She could call her own book: My hoo-ha and Other Misadventures of the League of Untalented Hoochies

Well if you want to read the whole article on the ban of Paris go here:

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