Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let Me Just Tell You About The Day I Had Today.

I am home right now, which is a place, quite honestly, I am surprised that I ever got to.

The day started out a bit like any other- I was a bit more hungover than usual, having spent the previous night drinking too many varieties of booze. White wine at work, PBR at this art show I went to with Miss Melissa featuring various paintings based on the movie The Last Unicorn, a dark and stormy at dinner, and vodka and soda at the Innertown for Miss Mary's birthday. Oy. But, you know, everything was fine at work, except that we were of course, severely understaffed. But we were doing interviews! Interviews!!! Which was awesome, because as much as I love my job, I do not so much like working 10 days in a row. Crazy, I know.

ANYWAY, so, after we interview this one girl, she seems promising so we put her on the floor for a sec to see how she is with customers. Poor thing! It wasn't so much the lady she was helping, but the lady I was helping that was the problem. Now, this lady is a regular, and I love her, but she was definitely going on for an especially long amount of time about her stepdaughter's Dissociative Identity Disorder. Like, in detail. About each of the personalities she'd met, and how they all have different handwriting, and how there's one named Robyn who is five, and how the girl had telekenetic powers, and how she probably originally split at 18 months old. Yup.

THEN, the cash register system breaks- which means we have to do manual receipts- which takes a longer time and pisses people off. THEN, I realize that my Ipod is not in fact on the "Work Appropriate" playlist, and is now, to the dismay of many fancy ladies in the store, definitely playing "Pussy Control." Can you just imagine? I felt terrible for the girl, but she totally held up- which was impressive to say the least.

The day continued in that fashion. One of my best customers came in around 5:45, and despite the fact that we close at six, I stayed there until 7:30 with her. Because, you know, she's pretty awesome and I actually like her. So, afterwards, she wanted to go get a drink. And I was like, oh, well, I can just have one, because the band I sometimes sing with, comprised mostly of my dearest friends, has a show and I want to go and be supportive and such. But then, the dude who was supposed to come with me- in order to create a very much desired buffer zone between me and the creepiest dude in the history of ever- could not come with me due to having to write an article. So I was like "Well, I can in fact have more drinks now, because I am not going to go by myself and feel a lot like I am going to throw up the whole time." Luckily, my friends understood. Yay friends!

So, anyway, we go to a bar in the neighborhood where I work, which is naturally filled with many terrible people. Including a white dude wearing a dashiki and track pants. My client is totally pissed because her bf is being a douche, and thus there's a lot of drinking, and a lot of me saying "Oh my god, you're a bad ass lady! You don't need that shit! Whatever, go find someone more awesome!" Because I totally am awesome at being "that friend," you know. But the bill comes to like, $90, which I was way unprepared for, and sincerely hope that my boss will reimburse me for part of (at least more than the $20 I did a payout for), because otherwise I will seriously cry. SIGH.

SO, light in wallet and dizzy in head, I jump in cab to get back home. Maybe in one of the worst moods ever, because I am a very cheap person, and also unsure of my abilities regarding being comforting. However, as I was walking over to my apartment, I saw more friends! Good friends! Amanda and Rachel and Steph and Sam and others! And I freak out to them about my day of insanity, and now it sounds less insane the more I tell it, which was just what I was hoping for!

STILL. I am tired. And going to bed. And I love you, you're awesome, and you don't need that shit.


Melissa said...

We are not good at viewing art. But thanks for this entry. I was totes gonna ask you how your night was!

Miss Robyn said...

I swear to god. I forgot I even wrote this. I was that out of it last night. I should probably delete it as it is a bit retarded sounding. Also, you should know that I tried like, 87 times to get a picture of the dude in the Dashiki to send to you. I think he should be your new boyfriend. He was quite spectacular.