Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday! (Night Sex Show)

It's *kinda* like a monster truck rally... except with words and sex, and no trucks, and uh, superior sartorial decisions...

Ok, it's nothing like a monster truck rally. Which, you know, for me is something in the plus column- I have enough trouble driving regular cars which is why I live in a city that doesn't require that I do so.

But you should totally come anyway, because we've got some awesome people reading this month. They'll totally give you something to talk about at the water cooler, should any of you have jobs that involve water coolers that people talk about things around. Its something I hear happens. I don't know, I work retail.

7:30pm this Sunday @ The Burlington. 3425 W. Fullerton

(Oh! And can I just say that they got *so* close to spelling my name right in the Reader listings? So close. It's actually quite impressive given the length of it. Except I think the way they spelled it is a euphimism for dick in Italian meaning "little vine" or something, which is kind of funny and appropriate given the reading. And speaking of which, that sandwich place over by the Pontiac (RIP) has a sandwich with a name that, in Italian, actually means Salami Big Faggot. They were not aware, it seems.)

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Tankboy said...

I finally work somewhere that has a water cooler, so I'll let you know how it goes.