Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So I wasn't Ann Shirley in Stella Dallas.

So, the reading the other night actually went surprisingly well! Like, people actually came and had a super time and it was nothing like Stella Dallas or Carrie, or any of the many other movies I have seen featuring people getting dressed up and consequently embarassed. I am still bizarrely impressed that someone got the question about dendrophillia right (it means you want to fuck a tree!). I think we got maybe 25 people, which I think was pretty decent considering it was a first effort- and, you know, a reading.

Unfortunately, I was so nervous that I didn't consume anything other than diet cokes that day, and then drank 5 vodka pineapples... and that was kind of a bad idea. I am not really a drinker.

Oh, but awesomely- people seem really super psyched about making this a monthly thing, which would be awesome- I don't think I'd be so freaked out the next time. I think we've gotta find a different place though, because- you know, having not really done anything like this before, I kinda screwed up on timing and stuff, so we went a little long and I think they got mad at us because there were DJ's and stuff that had to go on. Eek! Still, I think we can get a lot more people to come to the next one when we have it. There are a bunch of people who want to read as well, which is also quite neat.

I'm like, retardedly happy about the fact that we pulled it off. Go team!

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