Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, we must have priorities

This sounds like the lamest "Would You Rather" question ever, so I'll start out by posing it as one:

"Would you rather be the weight you are now, or five pounds thinner but be unable to control your bowel movements and have an oily discharge coming out of your ass?"

You'd think the answer would be obvious, but it seems that women are heading to drug stores in droves to buy the new FDA approved over the counter diet pill, Alli- which has just these side effects. In fact, the website reccomends that you wear black pants when taking the pill. Shudder.

Oh, and let's be honest for a second... Do they really think they're going to be Scarlett eating barbeque under the oak tree or something when they smell like shit and have stains on their asses? I'm pretty sure that most guys I know would agree that poo is hell of a lot grosser than being five pounds overweight or whatever. Most people I know, actually. Maybe I'll make a graph? Here, take my very important poll!

Which is more grossly unattractive?
A person who shits their pants and has an "oily discharge" seeping from their ass
A person who is five pounds heavier than that person, but is able to control their bowel movements free polls


Tankboy said...

You missed option c: People who adjust their diet to take the most advantage of the pill's benefits AND avoid the oily discharge coming out their ass.

And I don't think it's just for women. I know one report was concerned about fat kids shitting their pants thinking they could keep eating crap AND lose weight at the same time.

Marcus said...

you never specified if those 5 lbs were lard or muscle

which is the problem - too many people are obsessed with weight

worry about health

shitting your pants clearly is not healthy