Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gay Bomb

This is not to be confuddled with the Tom Jones hot "Sex Bomb," no sadly it's not as fun. Well, come to think of it, it is kinda fun. If you want to know more just google: gay bomb. Yes, that's right kids get to googling and you can come up with quite a few colorful articles on how our brilliant US Military was in talks to devise a kind of "gay bomb" which would make the enemy be so overcome with homosexuality that they scrumped each other faster than Whitney to a dime bag. The enemy would then be so incredible embarrassed and ashamed of there actions, it would cause chaos and the oh-so-fab US military could sweep in and set an different kind of bomb up their butt.

Oh what clever decrepit old men will think of when given millions upon millions of dollars to sit in a room eating smoked salmon and bagels. They also had briefly discussed a "bad breath" bomb so secret agents could easily be smelt. Unless of course it was Garlic Tuesday and we all know what we'd smell then. Speaking of smelling, they also have discussed since 1945 making a flatulent bomb. No not dropping a bunch of Taco Bell on a bunch of people but actually letting something rip that would cause everyone to get a major case of the toots. They nixed the idea because in some countries people actually like in shit. Like literally! Can you believe that some people actual have become accustomed to smelling feces? Gasp. I thought everyone walked around in air condition with fuzzy pink bunny slippers and a tiara. I mean that's what I'm wearing now while I write this and let out a few poofs from my gay tush.


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You heard about this on last week's "Wait ... Wait Don't Tell Me" didn't you?