Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am in fact the girl with the most cake

A week after Thanksgiving, I have to tell you- I am a lucky, lucky lady. I really am, in fact, the girl with the most cake. And I am very, very, very happy all of a sudden.

I have an awesome show that people actually really love- and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. What I like most is that everyone gets to participate and feel a part of things, and promote their own stuff as well- so, it's like, not only am I doing something neat that I like doing, but it's also something different that's very much in line with my own sort of philosophy of life.

I have like, retardedly awesome people in my life. And lots of them. I'm totally giddy about it too- it's kind of funny.

I love my job. Which is awesome because I hated it for so long, and then the change of ownership changed everything.

My skin, after a really awful beard burn incident, has at last returned to it's natural complexion. Thank you, Albolene!

The only thing that is sad about life is that there is no more Fantasy Island on the OnDemand. I must now purchase it on DVD. Sigh.

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