Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's not you, it's me- or, sisters are doing it to themselves

This is the thing- I'm a feminist. Duh. But there is one thing I just don't think the fella's deserve the blame for. And that thing is women's body image. That is all us. Sure, the media perpetuates this idea that we're supposed to be absolutely perfect looking, 40 lbs underweight, and blonde. That's what we are told men want. And we buy into it, and also buy a whole lot of crap we don't need in the process. Then we get all upset because we can't possibly be that, and who would want us when we're not? Well, pretty much any of them.

Think about it- if you have boobs and a vag, you can pretty much get laid anytime you want. I mean- have you read Portnoy's Complaint? A guy will do it to a piece of raw liver! Their standards are waaaaaay below what we think they are. They don't even notice when our hair is an entirely different color- you think they notice when we're three pounds overweight? No, they don't. But we do. Women are far more conscious and judgemental of the appearance of other women than men are.

Now, if you actually talk to your average guy, odds are he'll tell you that A) He's not that into stick figures and B) He actually doesn't like make-up all that much. We can be told this until hell freezes over, but we're still going to diet and spend a crapload of cash at the Nars counter. Why, because it's not them, it's us. We're looking at the television and we're looking at magazines instead of looking around in the world. Now- I don't attract any fewer men than I did when I was 15 lbs lighter, but at the same time I am trying my damnedest to get back there.

Think about this for a second. At a bar, there is a smoking hot chick, and an average looking chick. Who do you think is going to get hit on more? If you said the hot chick, you are wrong. Men are terrified of rejection. They figure the hot chick will be far more likely to reject them than the average looking girl is. So, if you want to reel in the fella's, you're probably better off being plain looking. Also, men, being individuals, usually have different ideas of what they think is attractive that don't necessarily conform with the media's beauty standards.

If you think about it, we're actually a lot harsher on them than they are on us. I mean, I don't think men sit around with their friends compiling lists of qualities their ideal person would have to possess. They probably don't pick apart every individual detail of anyone they are dating either and analyzing everything they do or say. But a lot of the time, we do. And frankly, I think that we're projecting.

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